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Best android games support controller 2022 | best list

 We always ask if our Android game supports controllers or not. Unfortunately, Google doesn't tell customers if Play Store games support controllers or not, which leads customers to test it out for themselves. 

android games that support controller

So we're here for you and to help. We have collected for you a list of the 10 best Android games that support  controller , including:


android games support controller

It is very much an FPS type of game, and many of us still hold the game and it is one of the things we hold dear to our hearts. It is beautiful and wonderful that the game supports controls, giving you a more enjoyable experience, and can also be controlled using the keyboard and mouse. While there are few who like to play the game without an emulator, although it supports Xbox and PS4 consoles. And of course the game is available on the play store.

Dead Cells

android games support controller

Dead Cells is an Android game that supports simple and easy controls. It is considered one of the best roguelike game platforms in addition to that it has a simple and wonderful Android port, which gives you the freedom to choose between 30 frames per second and 60 frames per second, Lots of HD graphics options. If you are looking for a good and exciting game that supports easy controls, of course Dead Cells is a priority for your choices.

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Best android games support controller

The launch of Symphony of the Night on Google Play came as a shock to everyone, especially since it was available for $2.99. Offering a non-linear platform-based gameplay, SotN is a 2D platform game. . And it's great that Symphony of the Night supports the use of controllers, so you can have a wonderful and fun time and a unique experience.

Sky: Children of the Light

Best android games support controller

Sky: Children of the Light is a third-person exploration game that is really similar to Journey and Flower. In order to explore the seven levels of the game easily, you can play in a multiplayer mode. And the game has been spending some time making its way from iOS to Android, and it's good that all the wait is well worth it. The game, of course, supports the controls, allowing for a more comfortable and easy experience.

GRID™ Autosport

Best android games support controller

 GRID Autosport was released on Android at the end of 2019, which can be obtained from the Google Play Store for $10. It is a racing game that mixes many racing modes, ranging from city streets or dirt tracks, with a lot of cars to choose from,,, The game has a lot of exciting and exceptional graphics, and a free 30-hour campaign, in addition to supporting the use of The controls make it easier to play and give a perfect experience for sure.


Best android games support controller

Brawlhalla is a clone of Smash Bros. The two are very similar in gameplay. Despite the presence of touch screen controls, the game is best played with the controllers for more fun and ease of play. It is really good that no matter what platform one chooses friends, you can play against them easily.

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Best android games support controller

Grimvalor is a great hacking and slashing platformer game. Not only does it offer a mix of impressive graphics, but it's a great and distinct version, and indeed, it supports the use of consoles with ease. It's great that the Android port looks and works as great as it does on iOS, and that It certainly gives you great confidence that you will have an exciting and wonderful experience.


Best android games support controller

The developer behind Leo's Fortune has created a more platform. Oddmar's platform is more in-depth than Leo's Fortune, as it's incredibly cool as it embodies everything in Leo's Fortune. It is interesting that it contains touch controls through the screen, and despite its quality, it already supports external controllers. The game can be purchased from the Google Play Store of the Android port.

Stardew Valley

Best android games support controller

Stardew Valley has a huge fan base as it is a simulation of the farming environment and rural life. Where the game begins by growing agricultural crops and raising chickens and other animals, and the game progresses with time where you can spend a lot of hours with it. It is great that the game supports controls, which makes the process of playing a lot easier. The game can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android port

Call of Duty®: Mobile

Best android games support controller

Call of Duty: Mobile is a mobile shooter that is one of the best FPS games on the platform. It is really exciting to shoot everywhere, especially with running and maneuvering, and although the game contains touch controls through the screen, it supports external controls, which facilitates the shooting process and gives a more exciting and exciting experience.

Finally, we have collected for you some of the best Android games available to everyone that give the feature of using external controllers, which gives you a more easy and comfortable experience with more fun.