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best movies about phobia of all time | best list

Top movies about phobia

Many of us find excitement and suspense in horror movies, which contain a lot of cheap suspense and some excitement in common.

But there are some films that require more effort and in depth, to reveal some pathological fears such as phobias about things that negatively affect the lives of some people. It is known to us that many of us have a phobia and fear of many things, which may cause him anxiety and a lot of problems.

Therefore, the cinema tended to depict many cases of phobias, so the so-called horror movie phobia appeared. So we have compiled for you a short list of some of the best movies about phobia.

Buried (2010)

best movies about phobia of all time | best list

This movie, called Buried, directed by Spanish director Rodrigo Cortes, revolves around a truck driver in Iraq called Paul Conroy, played by the star Ryan Reynolds.

Paul Conroy finds himself awake in a coffin while falling prey to a group of rebels.

In order for Paul to survive and survive, he had to manage his out-of-control anxiety, with a mobile phone with a dwindling battery, and a little oxygen supplied to him to give him even a tiny chance of survival.

Given Curtis' elegant, narrative gimmicks, and Reynolds' charisma, Buried in is of course a unique experience that you've never experienced before and will give you an unmistakable panic attack and really entertain you.

Buriedis one of the best horror movies for sure.

Klute (1971)

best movies about phobia of all time | best list

Jane Fonda stars in this film and embodies the role of Brie Daniel, and it is worth noting that she won an Academy Award.

She embodies the role of a girl with a great fear of enclosed spaces, and this film is directed by Alan J. Bakula.

This film is considered exciting and sharp with a lot of interesting and enjoyable events and also shows a policeman from a small town in Pennsylvania and detective John Clout who was transferred to the big and very crowded city.

If you are looking for a horror movie, then of course Klute will be at the forefront of your options.

 The Descent (2005)

best movies about phobia of all time | best list

Directed by Neil Marshall, this film follows the lives of six friends who live in an underground cave that runs through the Appalachian Mountains.

It contains a horror movie phobia to the point that it makes you gasp for some air out of fear.

It stars Sarah (Shauna MacDonald) and Juno (Natalie Mendoza), who discover that their pasts aren't so bad.

And they know they're not alone in those ramshackle caverns that are a bit shaky, with plenty of great drama mixed with horror and plenty of incredibly terrifying creatures making this an incredibly horrifying movie.

With an all-female cast and a tangible development of characters throughout the film, it all makes for a good, exciting and incredible experience.

The movie contains a lot of really bloody fight scenes,

Where girls fight with predatory mutants with some despicable punishment from each other, where predatory and savage beasts stab them in the face, which shows this horror and great phobia.

TheParallax View (1971 .)

best movies about phobia of all time | best list

Directed by director Alan J. Bakula, this film is very good at documenting paranoid patterns. This director also directed the 1971 movie Klute, which is also on that list.

One of the most terrifying and terrifying films of the seventies, the events of this film revolve around a journalist named Joseph Frady (Warren Beatty), who is drawn into an incredibly terrifying and terrifying world, to bring out the horror of this horror movie.

Contagion (2011)

best movies about phobia of all time | best list

The plot begins with the return of a character to Minnesota, where she was on a business trip in Hong Kong, and it is unfortunate that she came coughing, and it is obvious to us that the character who coughs in this epidemic style of films, will die.

Despite the fact that the beginning is traditional and easy to predict, the film is tightly planned and will take you to another world of horror, phobia and fear of epidemics and diseases.

And really, you will feel terrified and terrified when you know that there is a deadly microbe sweeping the world, and the acting performance was performed by a group of actors such as Bryan Cranston, Matt Damon, Jude Law, Marion Cotillard and Kate Winslet.

This movie is a really horror phobia, as it plays around real fears such as germs, viruses, obsessive-compulsive disorder and fear of some vaccines, all of which represents real hysteria. It's really funny that trying this kind of movie will really make you do a lot of washing, and of course it wouldn't be considered a bad job.

In the end, we have collected for you a small list of some of the best horror phobia movies, that enable you to spend a wonderful and fun time and definitely a unique experience with the family.