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The 5 Best Movies About Dictators | best list

Films about Dictators

History will remember many leaders and tyrants with influence and power who ruled the world and formed many empires.

As a result of the fame and greatness of these leaders and dictators, many cinematic and literary works have tended to depict what is happening in the eras of these tyrants controlling the world. The cinema depicted the life of the simple ordinary man and the injustice and dictatorship he suffered during the rule of these leaders and dictators. The predominant tendency was to depict the life of the common man, but it was really interesting to depict the lives of these leaders and to clarify what their souls carry, whether good or bad, and to address their personal lives.

This type of film is considered very exciting, as it deals with the cruelty of leaders during their journey of ups and downs and other aspects of their personality. It makes the scenes very close to one of the exciting and sometimes undesirable topics because it contains stories of many tyrants and dictators.

Most of these films center around the barbarity of dictatorial leaders and the fear and respect of their followers.

Therefore, we have compiled a list for you about the best dictators in history and what is related to the aspects of their personality and their rise to being great leaders and sometimes dictators and tyrants.

Top 5 movies about dictatorships and tyrants

We will discuss with you in this list the lives of leaders of tyrants and dictators from all over the world and in all different time periods, with more tyranny and injustice that befell the people than the oppression of these tyrannical leaders.

The Last King of Scotland (Kevin MacDonald, 2006)

The 5 Best Movies About Dictators

This film revolves around the life of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in the epic Sumayyah, the last king of Scotland.

Where the events of this dictatorship took place in the twentieth century, which is narrated to us by Idi Amin's personal physician, Dr. Nicholas Garrigan. Forest Whitaker plays the ultimate lead in this film as Idi Amin, in one of the greatest performances of all time, while James McAvoy plays Garrigan.

Gari'an joined Amin's forces because of his inner belief in Amin's greatness. Unfortunately, Garrigan found Amin's actions more sinister than he thought. And things get more and more complicated when Garrigan falls in love with one of Amin's wives, played by Kerry Washington.

Garrigan began to turn on Commander Amin in an attempt to escape.

Whitaker had a tyrannical and sadistic personality in this film, which made him play an amazing role and was the main focus of this film.

Amin's character was notorious and scary enough to interest him, which earned Whitaker an Academy Award for this amazing epic film.

The most important feature of this film was the absolute frankness in portraying the injustice and dictatorship practiced by Amin Ali the people of Uganda, which shows a lot of evil and brutality.

Of course, the movie The Last King of Scotland is one of the most prominent films on that list, which dealt with this category of films of dictatorship, tyrants and injustice, as the movie is an African dictator.

Quo Vadis (Mervyn LeRoy, 1951)

The 5 Best Movies About Dictators

Quo Vadis has been a huge commercial and critical success, as it is one of the best classic Hollywood historical epics to be elaborately produced and absolutely brilliant.

It is worth noting that Quo Vadis achieved impressive financial success, reaching the largest amount of profits this year and was nominated for about 8 academic awards.

This film takes place during the Julio-Claudian Empire in ancient Rome, where the main event is that General Robert Taylor falls in love with Deborah Kerr, who plays the role of a Christian captive, and that love led to a conflict in his ideologies.

Peter Ustinov plays Nero, who always tries to blame religion for all his problems, and plays the role of the brutal, oppressive and dictatorial ruler of the Roman Empire.  Although Taylor and Kerr are the main actors, Peter Ustinov steals the limelight from them as he plays his role perfectly.

Where he puts his subjects under his complete control, which makes him in their eyes as a god, as he performs absurd acts, the most prominent of which is the burning of Rome and the blaming of the anointed.

Peter Ustinov portrayed the dictatorial leader to the fullest, as he had a very convincing and frightening performance, as he showed us the character of the infamous emperor full of brutal and barbaric acts.

Of course, Quo Vadis ranks among the best dictatorship and injustice films ever.

Napoleon (Abel Jans, 1927)

The 5 Best Movies About Dictators

The events of this film, directed by Abel Jans, revolve around the story of the rise of the French dictator Napoleon Bonaparte from his childhood until he reached power and rule.

This silent film is one of the most revolutionary and ambitious.

The events begin with the presence of Napoleon Bonaparte in the schoolyard, and then he discovers many of the wonders of war in a snowball fight, where it appears how this young warrior possesses a lot of skill and cunning in wars.

Napoleon joined the ranks of the French army, and began to gain a good reputation as a result of his brilliance and prowess on the battlefield.

Napoleon Bonaparte continued to rise in his positions in the French army until he became the commander of the French army in Italy, despite being subjected to a lot of jealousy and contempt from some other leaders.

Napoleon is considered a genius and just general, despite being a dictator and unjust on some occasions.

This film was one of the six parts dealing with the story of the rise of this dictatorial leader, but it was canceled due to the high cost.

Although the film does not show all the characteristics of the dictatorial character of Napoleon Bonaparte, it showed many of the developments he went through to become a great leader and dictator of the greatest leaders in history.

Many consider the epic of Napoleon to be a masterpiece and a piece of art from the silent era, in which he used many modern technologies, most notably underwater photography using three cameras side by side in order to obtain the effect of a wide screen.

This artistic epic not only provided a wonderful embodiment of the French dictator Napoleon, but also provided us with one of the best films depicted in history. Certainly, this movie is one of the best dictator movies of all time.

The Devil’s Double (Lee Tamahori, 2011)

The 5 Best Movies About Dictators

This film revolves around the story of Latif Yahya, where Yahya is depicted as the double body of Uday Hussein, son of Saddam Hussein, the former dictator of Iraq in the eighties and nineties of the last century.

Dominic Cooper starred in this movie, which is one of his most important works ever.

Yahya's role is very different from Uday's, as Yahya was frightened, imprisoned, and always hesitant, while Uday was very sad and careless. As a result of Uday's excessive cruelty, Yahya decided to try to escape, which resulted in a very violent and bloody struggle.

Many clear differences appear in the morals and personality of the film's heroes, Yahya and Uday, as Uday represents what Yahya was supposed to have been if he had grown up in the same position of strength and great wealth.

It is clear in the personality of the tyrant and dictatorship of Odi that it shows the effect of absolute power on the ruler, and how it leads to the deterioration of the morals of this tyrant. Despite the fact that Saddam Hussein, the former leader of Iraq, does not play a prominent role in the film, but he greatly affected the character of Uday, as he was very cruel, despite the fact that he appeared more mature and wise than Uday.

On the other hand, Yahya was widely criticized for the lack of conclusive evidence of his involvement with Saddam Hussein's family.

What distinguishes this film from most films of dictatorship, tyrants and injustice, is that it is one of the modern events that many of us may have experienced.

This film is a clear example of modern dictatorship films, and this helps many audiences accept this film and the plot reaches them faster, since most audiences have a background in that story.

Of course, The Devil's Double (Lee Tamahori, 2011) is one of the best dictator movies of all time.

Mongol (Sergei Bodrov, 2007)

The 5 Best Movies About Dictators

This Russian-produced film revolves around the tyrant Genghis Khan, an Asian tyrant and dictator with a wide tyrant.

This film deals with the life of the tyrant Genghis Khan from childhood to his ascent as the most tyrannical leader and dictator of all time. The film contains many clips and moments affecting the life of this dictator. The moment of his mother's death is the most important and most influential moment in his life at all.

And Temujin, the character of Genghis, continued to develop himself until he became a mighty army that is difficult to conquer and conquer.

And this army led by Temujin went on to crush and eliminate his enemies, and this conquest continued throughout his life until he controlled almost every inch of Asia.

Although Genghis Khan's rule was less strict and controlled than most of the tyrants on our list, for several reasons, most notably his lack of infrastructure and strict government. However, he was a ferocious and destructive dictator who did not knock any opportunity available to him to destroy any land he seized.

Genghis Khan is considered one of the most bloodthirsty dictators, as he killed many, many and this film shows the extent of his dictatorship and tyranny.

Mongol is a historical and legendary epic, filled with violence, brutality, injustice, tyranny and dictatorship. This epic was beautifully filmed as it showed us what life is like on the Mongolian steppes with one of the fiercest and most powerful tyrants of all time, Genghis Khan.

In the end, we remind you that we have collected for you this list of the best dictator films, as well as films about dictatorship, films about tyranny, and also an African dictator film, and the best movies of dictators in history, and we hope that you enjoy them and spend a fun and wonderful time and a unique experience with the family.