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The best Melancholic and sadness films ever | best list

In our time, it is noticeable that the levels of isolation, melancholy and immersion in depression have increased significantly. Social media is the main driver of this widespread movement of depression, melancholy and general sadness, which has led to many problems and tribulations such as the high level of unemployment, the main cause of which is the increase in the standard of melancholy depression in society. In the twenty-first century, cinema did not leave that opportunity, and it embodied many films that are considered to be about the extent of the standard of melancholy, sadness and depression that pervaded society. issues, places and characters,  Which clarified the complexity of the human condition and the difficult times we are going through.

The best films of melancholy and sadness

 we have collected for you some of the best films that dealt with this issue about melancholy and sadness;

Edge of Heaven (2007)

The best films of melancholy and sadness | best list

One of the films of sadness and melancholy, for sure, as the film The Edge of Paradise, contains many fragile human relationships and a frustrating relational atmosphere fraught with death in all respects. It expresses the extent of the widespread grief standard.

Where the events of the film revolve around a group of people who carry within them a lot of turmoil and clear dissatisfaction with life. A clear example of these fragile relationships is the relationship of Tuncel Kurtiz and Yeter (Nurel Kose), where their relationship is based only on survival and sex, which shows the ugly face of the two characters and indicates the lack of importance of that relationship and the extent of the widespread sadness standard. The film contains many other characters and relationships, which do not always end in failure and more darkness. Which makes the movie Edge of Paradise a standard for the city of sadness, and is burdened with a lot of frustration, failed relationships and negative feelings.

Anomalisa (2015)

The best films of melancholy and sadness | best list

This movie revolves around the voice of Michael Stone with a lot of naked dolls, bathing with them, a lot of profanity, with some hallucinations. And more of the experience of director Charlie Kaufman, as he simulates a lot of feelings of emptiness, sadness, and events of loss. And all this in the dark, sad movie Anomalisa.

 Interestingly, Kaufman decided that all the characters have the same voice, which is Michael Stone's, and that was very funny and expressive. The film moved to another side when Michael met the flawed Lisa and fell in love with her, and the film seemed to move to a new tune despite its melancholy and sadness.

 Shame (2011)

The best films of melancholy and sadness | best list

This movie revolves around Brandon (Michael Fassbender) who is plunged into a sex addiction, as he takes advantage of every opportunity to have sex with women.

Therefore, this sexual drowning caused him to neglect all his obligations and goals in life. This wonderful and exciting film directed by Steve McQueen.

The story is set in modern New York, where McQueen deems it vibrant and fun, and the setting for all of Brandon's whims. Despite Brandon's seeming enjoyment and satisfaction with these sexual fantasies, But this hides behind him a lot of the ugliness of this addiction, which destroyed his life and increased the standard of sadness and melancholy in it.

As Brandon's addiction deepens and the addiction takes a toll on him, this has already affected his family as it leads to Brandon's continued neglect of his sister, Cece (Carrie Mulligan). Of course, this movie is one of the most dark and sad movies for sure, as it is classified as one of the sad movies.

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Beyond the Hills (2012)

The best films of melancholy and sadness | best list

The events of this Romanian film revolve around the complete and extreme religious devotion, which led to the complete elimination of the female character and the defamation of her role as a result of that religious ruling.

As for the place that deals with that story, it is an Orthodox church with a vast area of ​​grass, which adds a lot of dread in the soul as if it is one of the most frightening and exciting horror movies ever.

The film contains one of the most honest relationships, She is between two orphaned girls, Vowichita (Cosmina Stratan) and Alina (Christina Flutor), who are completely dependent on each other, with little to no sexual perversion and much tangible comfort in the relationship. But it seems that this relationship contradicts the religious sphere prevailing in that city, and that the excessive strengthening of society in this film prevents these characters from controlling their lives and does not give them the luxury of choice or love.

One of the most examples of melancholy and sadness in that church is the process of treating Alina from her diseases. The church takes many horrific and inhuman methods in that, as it restricts it, which inevitably leads to its death. The end of the movie was no less sad and dark than its events, as this movie is one of the most important and famous sadness movies ever.

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 Brokeback Mountain (2005)

The best films of melancholy and sadness | best list

The film Brokeback Mountain describes the suffering of homosexuals in society. It is one of the most important issues that we face in society, whether it agrees or disagrees with the general idea.

There are two men, Ennis (Heath Ledger) and Jack (Jake Gyllenhaal), both married and have their own family, and they live in a rural area. It is really interesting and strange that both men found in the other a lot of communication and love, which society finds in the rural environment against instinct and normal life, and this led to preventing them from being together.

Of course, the film is not romantic at all because it does not describe an ordinary love relationship between a man and a woman, but rather it describes the issue and suffering of the homosexual group in society and how we find a solution to it or accept it. With some sympathy you can feel and a lot of sadness and melancholy, this is the summary of this sad movie that discusses a serious and complex issue.

One Hour Photo (2002)

The best films of melancholy and sadness | best list

One Hour Photo is one of the films that condemns the main character, Seymour Parrish (Robin Williams), as it is considered by some to be a thriller that is a clear example of melancholy and sadness, and what Parrish owes is his frightening voyeurism towards the Burkin family. Despite all this, you will feel a lot of sympathy for Parrish because of his unenviable condition, and the fount of his ideas from an ugly source.

Parrish sells and prepares stock photos in a store, and with almost no social life his obsession with the Yorkins who come to the store is evident. Often, what Barish feels alone is the main reason for his obsession with that family.

What increases our sympathy with the sad and melancholy life in which Barish indulged, is because he was subjected to mistreatment and a lot of injustice. This movie will certainly show you the importance of family and how much suffering you would have experienced if you were alone.

In the end, we have compiled for you a list of some of the best and most famous films that discuss the norm of melancholy, sadness and depression that is prevalent in the whole world. Although all of them are exciting and wonderful films, what distinguishes them is that they discuss an issue and a purposeful and wonderful content.