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the best sad romance movies ever | best list

Best sad romantic movies ever

When you are in the mood for fun and uncomplicated viewing, romantic comedies are a more ideal choice. But what if it was one of those dark days, when you were walking with a lump in your throat and you couldn't seem to let go of the tears? You may be in a mood and desire something more touching and really close to what you are going through, on those occasions, you need something that sprouts in you passion and makes you go through more emotional depth, so you turn to some movies that mix with sad romance that succeed in creating a lot of passion and touching feelings inside you. we've rounded up our favorite sad romantic movies for you to watch when we need, to indulge in that emotional state, or need to feel better about our love life and renew our passion. With plenty of examples of intimate yet dysfunctional romantic relationships with unexpected tragic moments, we promise that this collection of sad love movies will make you feel all the feelings and emotions you wish you could live and feel.

the best sad romance movies 

Here are our picks for, the best sad romance films for when you need a deep cry of the heart and a sad moan.

Blue Valentine (2010)

the best sad romance movies

Our first film of sad romance movies list, is blue valentine. 

The most devastating thing about Blue Valentine is its compatibility. It deals with how a love so deep can turn into nothing more hideous and brutal. The film follows Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling's relationship as it progresses from their early teens and adolescence to a tense and disintegrating marriage.

 Their true connection and most of all their love-infused chemistry will tempt you, but don't get too attached. The many long and continuous silences that are also fun, the sweet booty and the seriously exciting moments between the two make it a fun ,and entertaining hour that will transport you to another world of sad and exciting romance.

  Without a doubt, this film is one of the best sad romantic movies. 

 Moonlight (2016)


the best sad romance movies ever | best list

While there is certainly some exciting romance in this film, it transcends the traditional romance genre, grappling with issues of personal identity formation and personal belonging, all through the personal lens of one young man. It follows Chiron as he grows up in Miami and navigates his career and sexuality, finding guidance, and love from unfamiliar characters in his life.

 Although there were many moments of heartbreak, Moonlight, the aptly named and similarly named movie, finally triumphs thanks to small gestures of sympathy and reveals patterns of all kinds of love and adoration, whether romantic, sexual, paternal or platonic, side by side. Along with the great challenge of establishing oneself and identity. Love is when you look for it and cannot find it outwardly. It will invite you to practice deep meditation, empathy and internal attraction, and it is a romantic movie of the first order.

Requiem for a Dream (2000)


the best sad romance movies ever | best list

Of course, this is not only sad romance movies, but also directly annoying and unsettling, which is to be expected from a Darren Aronofsky movie. This takes us to delve into the lives of four individuals, all battling two different addictions. Although she's as impulsive as the rest of the characters, she's also so cute and likable that you'll be drawn to her, but try not to be overly attracted. 

The thematic tragedies are reflected in the beautiful, heartbreaking and frightening visuals and the intense, heart-wrenching audio effects, which will only heighten your sensory experience and make you more immersed. It is one of the sad and touching romantic films.

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Revolutionary Road (2008)


the best sad romance movies ever | best list

One of the things that Leonardo DiCaprio ,and Kate Winslet love to do is break our small, weak hearts. In this critically acclaimed period, we witness more of the potential absurdity and even violence of the American Dream. The Revolutionary Path offers us a clear vision of home life that is so ugly, disastrous, destructive, and deadly that you want to bring the ones you love closer to you than ever before. It contains a great deal of romance and passion. one of best sad romance movies ever

Remember Me (2010)

the best sad romance movies ever | best list

The events of this film revolve around two young men, who fall in love, and their relationship serves as a kind of redemption ,and escape among the wreckage - that is, until disaster and tragedy strikes again. Right from the start, we feel that the two lovers have gone through their lot of loss, heartbreak, and pain. but given that it's just the unlocking of the beginning of the movie, there's plenty of excitement ahead.

 It stars Robert Pattinson in his prime, so you'll surely have your eyes and ears glued to the screen at all times from the intensity of the sound and visual effects, and this movie reached the height of a sad romance movies

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A Star Is Born (2018)

the best sad romance movies ever | best list


This modernized version of the classic tale of rock star Bradley Cooper messes with plenty of demons, Lady Gaga, the rocket-propelled star Gaga's vocals are highly motivating, and Cooper's signature greasy hair move.

 Oversized and so sexy that there's no way you could stop being completely shaken by the heart-wrenching, and so much sad ending, but it's mixed with sweet romance too.

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

the best sad romance movies ever | best list

When Ennis (Heath Ledger) and Jack (Jake Gyllenhaal) meet sheep together in the large, rural mountains of Wyoming, they realize they have a lot of romantic feelings for each other and act on those underlying feelings. which develop into a secret love affair. Over the years, they meet and go on adventures in the untamed wilderness, disrupting the consummation of their marriages in many ways. 

For Jack and Ennis, Brokeback Mountain was the warmest place in the world ,and the only place in the world where they felt safe and loved enough to love each other and be at the height of their romance. But they only spent that summer there which is a short duration, which is devastating. When he tells Jack Innes, "I wish I'd left you," it's a pity that we can't choose who we love and spend our lives with, and it's romantic, tinged with sadness and affection.

The Danish Girl (2015)

the best sad romance movies ever | best list

Follow Greta (Alicia Vikander) and Einar (Eddie Redmayne) as they navigate their sexual and romantic identities. as they reveal the superlative ,and magical power of love. This movie contradicts the common and traditional concept of successful and traditional marriage in which they eventually find other partners, while loving each other without conditions or restrictions. 

It's not quite heart-wrenching the way the other films in the series look - it's a bit more heartbreaking, heartbreaking, and ultimately inspiring. In fact, the only thing more inspiring and poignant than this movie is the real and authentic relationship between Lili Elbe and Gerda Gottlieb that grew up between them, and it's a sad romance movies of a unique style.

Ghost (1990)

the best sad romance movies ever | best list

We all know how intimidating shadows can be when it comes to love and dating, but this pre-dating model takes it to a whole different level. In this fantasy and romantic thriller, Sam (Patrick Swayze) and Molly (Demi Moore) fall madly in love. only to have their relationship broken by a cruel and devastating killer. 

Then Sam's spirit wanders the land in hopes of trying to protect a sad and desperate Molly and make things right. There's also a fair amount of kitsch to the movie, which might be fun-filled. making it a little easier on the heart.

Titanic (1997)

the best sad romance movies ever | best list

Anyway, a list of sad romance movies would never be complete without Titanic? And, in case you don't know the story. it's sad love story movie, as it revolves around Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio), who meet during the Titanic's voyage, from Europe to New York City in America.

 A sociable ,and wealthy young woman is betrothed to a wealthy man of similar rank and stature, when she falls in love with the free-spirited and pure-hearted Jack, and realizes that she does not want to live an elitist, boring. low-key life. It is another story about the classic tale of forbidden love between poor and rich, as well as the timeless nature of love itself, which does not differentiate between social standing and huge financial fortunes. It is one of the most famous and influential sad romantic films.

Carol (2015)


the best sad romance movies ever | best list

Cate Blanchett plays the lead role of a woman of the same name in this movie, which begins while she's doing some Christmas shopping at the department store business where Rooney Mara's character, Therese works. They have instant appeal and a dazzling presence, and when Carol accidentally leaves her gloves on the counter in the store, Therese finds her address to return them to her at once.

 From here begins their secret relationship, which includes attempts to hide her and keep her away from Carol's ex-husband. as they have a fierce war for custody of their daughter. And as we are always used to, things do not always go as planned, but you will enjoy the elegant and beautiful cinematography, costumes and shows. all of which are similar and fascinating that delight the onlookers, It is one of the well-known romance films mixed with a little sadness.

Amour (2012)


the best sad romance movies ever | best list

Considered to be one of the most exciting, suspenseful and beautiful sad love story movies ever shot in cinemas, Amour will bring all feelings and sensations. We are invited to attend a sublime example of a couple's relationship right when one of them suffers a fatal stroke. Where the horror was even dealt with in describing the relationship between the elderly couple who spent their lives together in the middle of this movie filled with sincere feelings, and it is a sad romantic movie.

Monster Ball (2011)


the best sad romance movies ever | best list

This is a complex, mysterious and award winning movie with loads of moving and mysterious parts. We're talking about a death sentence and a totally unexpected love affair between two super sexy actors (Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thorton) who fall into a strange and desperate love amidst dramatic and heartbreaking drama. 

It showcases the grim reality and brutal moral battles of the prisoner's incarceration, and criminal justice system, so it's definitely worth watching after all. for that reason alone. The tense, and marginalized social background, personal despair, difficulties in communication, intimacy and love, make the love story more exciting, albeit a bit dark and mysterious. but not without its sad romance.

Eternal Sunshine of the spotless Mind (2004)


the best sad romance movies ever | best list

In this dramatic fantasy mixed with romance, married couple, Clementine (Kate Winslet) and Joel (Jim Carrey), undergo a medical procedure to erase their memories of each other after their separation. What happens when you erase ,and remove everything related to the memory of a perfect relationship? During this film, they not only forget each other. but also erase all the parts, and connections that have grown and permeated within themselves thanks to that relationship.

 This sad, touching, and compelling movie will teach you that despite how sad and growing you feel in the aftermath of a breakup. you can never get rid of the memory of your ex, no matter what you do or do. It is a sad and mysterious romance.

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