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best drama movies of all time |Top 10 drama films ever

 best drama movies of all time 

The first goal of dramatic films is always to tell and approach life from a more serious perspective, other than comedy. But sometimes the drama is mixed with some gentle comedy that creates a bit of humor, but the pure drama tries hard to create an inner response, alerting the viewer's feelings to the many things we go through in our lives.

Top 10 best drama movies

 But not all drama films succeeded in creating that feeling, so we have compiled a list of 10 of the best drama films throughout history, and we will arrange them from 10 to 1, and this arrangement was based on several factors, the most important of which are critics’ reviews, whether negative or positive, and The praises received by the film, the year of its release, in addition to the quality of the direction and the audio-visual effects, so here are the greatest drama movies of all time:

 10-The Farewell  (98%)

Top 10 best drama movies of all time | best list

Released in 2019, this film revolves around the life of director Lulu Wang, about a Chinese-American family, who, in the context of a comedy drama, makes a final farewell to their grandmother,

The Farewell's cultural themes have always intrigued critics, who found them to be something special and cryptic. It is interesting and attractive that such topics are seldom reported on the big screens. And not only that, but the cast played a distinguished role led by Awkwafina, and the elaborate acting coincided with the distinguished writing that dealt with the topic with complete respect and great realism, so this film was set as one of the best drama movies ever.

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9 Casablanca (98%)

Top 10 best drama movies of all time | best list

We go back a lot, to 1942, on this date the romantic drama began its journey in the world, with this legendary movie, one of best drama films of all time.

The movie Casablanca revolves around Rick Blaine, a nightclub owner, who is saddened by the fact that his ex-girlfriend and her husband came to visit the Pottery Town during the events of World War II. Blaine was able to help the couple escape from that Casablanca, but this inevitably meant giving up his romantic life.

Despite the passage of nearly 8 decades since the first release of this masterpiece, this movie is still firmly established in minds and minds, because of its excitement, suspense and humor, in addition to its touching story that still resonates with viewers. The film won the Outstanding Motion Picture Award with distinction, as well as best director. And Best Writing, Screenplay, at the 16th Academy Awards, which critics considered a familiar thing for this type of film, which is one of the masterpieces of drama films of all time.

8 Moonlight (98%)

Top 10 best drama movies of all time | best list

Released in 2016, this high-profile drama film, which revolves around the personal experiences of Tarell Alvin McCraney, follows Chiron Harris through three separate periods of his life and the circulation of each separate period, through his discovery of his identity as well as the maturity of his sexual and emotional life, despite the harsh circumstances he went through. And bad treatment, which added to the dramatic side of the film.

As a result of anchoring the moonlight and being a prominent place, as well as the exciting and unusual narration, all of this made the film an impressive and wonderful story, and all of this was mixed with a reasonable artistic performance. Moonlight managed to get Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor (Mahershala Ali) and Best Picture at the Academy Awards immediately after its release, which is  a huge achievement for this one of the masterpieces of drama in history , as best drama movie.  

7 BlacKkKlnsman (96%)

Top 10 best drama movies of all time | best list

After Moonlight got all the attention and within two years, BlacKkKlansman was crawling to glory at the top of the list. Based on Ron Stallworth's memoir, this crime thriller sees the appearance of the first-ever black detective in the Colorado Springs Police Department who searches and uncovers the local Ku Klux Klan.

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The film succeeded in being entertaining and entertaining to the fullest. It sheds all light on a story of interest while maintaining a lot of liveliness, fun and entertainment. The film was nominated for several Academy Awards, but was chosen for the best adapted screenplay, but it deserved much more, as it is one of the best drama films.

6 Citizen Kane (100%)

Top 10 best drama movies of all time | best list

best dramatic movie regarding a lot of people.

Let's go back in time for a while, until we reach the forties, when the classic drama began to put its first steps on the silver screen, by Citizen Kane.

Citizen Kane, loosely based on the life of Charles Foster Kane, tells of a reporter who is asked to know the dying man's words. This made him reveal a series of secrets related to the world that Kane had known before.

It was unfortunate that Citizen Kane didn't rust at the box office when it came out, but instead made up for a second look (and much love and appreciation) in the 1950s. The film's legacy continues, with Citizen Kane impressive both technically and aesthetically with plenty of charisma, a funky, lively narrative, and a solid cast. It was his share of getting best writing (original screenplay) at the secondary Academy Awards, and some believed that he deserved much more than that.

5 The Irishman (96%)

Top 10 best drama movies of all time | best list

The most recent best-selling drama of all time is The Irishman, which was released in 2019. The epic crime thriller, based on the 2004 book I Hear You Draw Houses, written by Charles Brandt, stars Robert De Niro as A veterinarian in the events of World War II, he was playing the role of a fierce killer. The film exposed the inner workings of hard-to-detect organized crime.

Although The Irishman was set in a development where many of its parts are difficult to understand, it received a lot of positive and motivating reviews once it finally made its way into existence, attracting the eyes of many critics and followers. 

It is unfortunate that the film did not win any Oscars despite being entertaining and unique, but it was nominated for nine different categories of Oscars, and many thought that it deserved at least one of them. It is a first-class drama film.

4 Mission: Impossible - Fallout (97%)

Top 10 best drama movies of all time | best list

when you mentioned best drama movies ever, Mission: Impossible should come first. 

All of the Mission: Impossible series have been well received by fans, but none of them have caught the attention of critics and fans as much as the sixth series. Mission: Impossible - The events of the series cause Tom Cruise to return to work as IMF agent Ethan Hunt. After a group of dangerous and destructive nuclear weapons disappear, Hunt and his team must search and track them, before the opposing team can get them first.

The series maintained a high and distinctive level of excitement, which made it more famous and the closest to the fans, in addition, many believe that this series proved beyond any doubt that Cruise was made for the series.

3 Lady Bird (99%)

Top 10 best drama movies of all time | best list

one of the most exciting drama movies.

 The film revolves around a Sacramento teenage girl in 2002, great for director Lady Bird. The story revolves around Lady Bird trying to escape from her city and trying to create a life full of culture and happiness on one of the areas of the East Coast. However, many obstacles surround her, including trying to overcome the tense relationship between her and her mother, in addition to many difficulties in the last year.

This dramatic novel was highly praised by critics, and that novel, published in 2017, was characterized by more exciting drama and a good style of narration.

2 Avengers: Endgame (94%)

Top 10 best drama movies of all time | best list

best drama movie for me.

Many Marvel movies don't fall into the category of drama, but this movie has a very unique and wonderful dramatic content.

The latest installment in the Avengers series, Endgame, features Tony Stark, Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, Bruce Banner, and the rest of the gang that band together to put an end to all the destruction Thanos has wreaked on the world everywhere. They must go back in time and collect Six Infinity Stones to end this destruction and save the world.

The series had an epic and exciting conclusion, as it linked many stories that captured the passion of fans for many years, and was filled with excitement, passion and professional acting performance, which allowed the superhero in this series to show off everything he has done.

1 Black Panther (97%)

Top 10 best drama movies of all time | best list

Coming to the top of the list is one of the most important MCU Black Panther movies.

The film revolves around the return of the superhero of 2018 T'Challa to the African country of Wakanda where his father passed away. Challenged by the ruthless evil Killmonger, the hero must turn to the Black Panther to secure his place on the throne, prevent political decline and control the dire situations he is going through.

The film won three Oscars in different categories, including Best Costume Design, Best Production Design, and Best Original Music. Attractive, which is why many consider it the best drama movie of all time.

In the end, we have tried hard to collect for you the best drama films of all time, so that you can watch fun, exciting emotions and feelings, and spend a good time in the evening with the family, good night. 

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