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Top Best Action Movies of The 2000s | best list

It is odd that the movies of the mid 21st Century currently appear "retro," and that the early improvements of the computerized time are very not the same as the universe of film today. Contrasted with the activity movies of the 90s, which incorporated a blend of high camp and more trial auteurism, Action Movies of  2000s started to depend heavier on set up establishments and properties.

best action movies of the 2000s

Among the best marvels of the previous twenty years of film history has been that celebrities have been supplanted by set up IP; crowds at this point don't run to a film absolutely dependent on the magnetism of an activity star like Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Sylvester Stallone, or Bruce Willis, but since of a person like Harry Potter, Spider-Man, or Ethan Hunt. In any case, the activity sort has advanced from various perspectives that were positive, and the 21st century has surely delivered something reasonable of activity works of art.

best action movies of 2000s

best action movies of 2000s

While most would agree that the action movies of the 2010s, like Mad Max: Fury Road, John Wick, and The Raid, taken regard back to the class, the former decade delivered numerous splendid move films that made possibilities and reexamined natural story prime examples. Here are the best action movies of 2000s

Layer Cake

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Matthew Vaughn's smooth, smart first time at the helm was not just the film that as far as anyone knows won Daniel Craig the job of James Bond, yet in addition what set up Vaughn as Guy Ritchie's beneficiary evident in the domain of idiosyncratic London hoodlum thrill rides.

Layer Cake is a lot more tasteful interpretation of the class than Ritchie at any point endeavored, and through Craig's hero, the film investigates the haggling that happens in the British cocaine exchange. Craig gives a marvelous exhibition; in addition to the fact that he conveys the insight of somebody who has for some time been around here, however he additionally assumes the part with a twinge of bitterness, as his person is frantic to leave this way of life. Sure I can put this film in the best .2000s action movies


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Gladiator is one of those movies that is notoriety was harmed because of the way that it won the Academy Award for Best Picture, as it's normal positioned contrarily in contrast with different champs or its opposition that year. This is awful, on the grounds that Gladiator is a truly engaging return to the Cecil D. Demille period of epic filmmaking, and recounts an interesting retribution story of Maximus Decimus Meridius (Russel Crowe) as he endeavors to win retaliation for his family's demise and reestablish majority rules system to Rome.

The extent of the film is among the most stupendous that Ridley Scott at any point endeavored, including gladiatorial battle scenes that actually hold up and a famous score from Hans Zimmer. There have been not many sword and shoe films since, yet Gladiator is effectively among the top action movies of the 2000s.

Star Trek (2009)

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The Star Trek establishment was in outright destroys in 2009, as the basic and monetary disappointment of The Next Generation films had dirtied the standing of the series, and the possibility of seeing the first group reworked left numerous incredulous. The 2009 reboot accomplished something unquestionably sharp in that it set up an imaginary world in which these characters could exist in an alternate timetable, and gave a history that was rarely recently told.

Messing around with folklore, the film reveals genuine insight into how James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) developed from an irksome farmhand into a pioneer, and how Spock (Zachary Quinto) defeated social obstructions to make his own character. The whole film is loaded up with a cast that makes the characters their own, however it's the charming connection among Pine and Quinto that is the story's heart.so that this film is deserved to be one of the best action movies 2000s


Sherlock Holmes

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As Sherlock Holmes is a public area character, there have been innumerable transformations throughout the long term, traversing right back to the soonest long stretches of film. Fellow Ritchie's interpretation of the Arthur Conan Doyle focused on the connection between the scandalous investigator (Robert Downey Jr.) and the unwavering Dr. John Watson (Jude Law), and reconsidered them as a quibbling, pal cop team.

While it's clearly impacted by 80s pal cop films, Ritchie creates a charming sufficient secret that identifies with the focal Holmes subject of clarifying the otherworldly through rationale, and the activity scenes are lively in Ritchie's unmistakable design. Nonetheless, it is the appeal of seeing Downey and Law revive this relationship that makes the film (and its continuation) so engaging. And became one of the top action movies 2000s.


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In spite of the fact that he was recently known for his emotional jobs in such movies as Schindler's List, Kinsey, and Michael Collins, Liam Neeson made an abrupt reevaluation of his profession by turning into an activity star. Neeson's initial genuine introduction to the class was Taken, an inexactly plotted film that permits the regarded Irish entertainer to be a smooth power of nature who wrecks all in his way as he looks for his little girl.

Albeit the story is equation based and the reprobates are very batty, Neeson is trustworthy in the job of an overprotective dad, and his emotional gravity lifts the material. While the film's standing might be to some degree lessened because of the wretched continuations, the first holds up as a nail gnawing thrill ride. Of course it considered one of the top action movies of the 2000s .

V for Vendetta

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The impact of the Wachowski sisters (who delivered and composed the film) is obvious in V for Vendetta, as it flawlessly consolidates vigorously adapted activity lifted directly from comic book boards with an immortal story of standing up to authoritarianism.

There's a decent arrangement of reality in how the film portrays the connection between militarism, promulgation, and organization, and these intense topics help to ground a portion of the more whimsical components. Regardless of whether he's taken cover behind a veil the entire time, Hugo Weaving is enamoring as the concealed vigilante who turns into the substance of a development, and it is incredible to see the story through the eyes of the untouchable Every (played by Natalie Portman, in one of her better jobs) as she acquires mindfulness and decides to make a move. This film is deserved to be one of the best action movies of 2000s .


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Serenity is a film that has no privilege to exist, and surprisingly less right to be however incredible as it very well might be. Firefly was a cherished clique series that was criminally dropped after one season, leaving a hole in the personalities of fans wherever who needed to see a greater amount of Macolm Reynolds and team. Serenity wasn't simply one more experience, however a film that needed to address and resolve the origin stories and destinies of these characters that would've apparently been told across a few additional seasons.

By one way or another, the film figured out how to outperform assumptions; it's persistently paced and unbelievably close by they way it incorporates every one of the characters and prods the bigger universe seen on the show. The film likewise was a breakout job for Chiwetel Ejiofer, who plays the baffling scalawag referred to just as "The Operative;" the best miscreants are the individuals who consider themselves to be legends, and the manner in which Ejiofer characterizes himself as "a means to an end" makes for a connecting with foil to the cloth tag saints. To be onest i think this film must be placed on the best action movies of 2000s.

Minority Report (2002)

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Propelled by the Phillip K. Dick short story, Minority Report effectively joins exciting way of thinking about the idea of equity, choice, and tyranny, all while pushing the visual medium forward with a chilling modern vision.

It's one of the haziest and most complex movies inside Steven Spielberg's filmography, and structures a remarkable set of three with A.I. Man-made brainpower and War of the Worlds of Spielberg's thoughtful class pieces that question what's to come. Albeit a large part of the film is motivated by the noir classification, the exciting pursue groupings and tense stalemates make it an advanced activity exemplary and placed this film among best action movies of 2000s.

. Mission: Impossible III

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While the Mission: Impossible establishment is presently known as the most reliably incredible repeating adventure in Hollywood, and considered one of the best 2000s action movies.

the series was in a bit of a transition in the mid 2000s, as the negative reaction to Mission: Impossible II compromised its life span. Fortunately, J.J. Abrams imparted the series with new energy and recounted a more close to home anecdote about Ethan Hunt attempting to adjust his future wedded existence with the obligations he feels to IMF.

Point of fact, the film fills in just as it does on account of the late incredible Philip Seymour Hoffman; the Mission: Impossible series for the most part comes up short on a convincing lowlife, however Hoffman is totally startling as a wicked arms seller that has his eyes on a slippery bundle.


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2000's X-Men was a fruitful comic book transformation that prevailed with regards to bringing the center topics and characters of the Marvel funnies to screen, however given that it was the primary film in the establishment, it was entrusted with taking care of a ton of article. X2 didn't confront that issue; the film bounces quickly into the activity by presenting the new person Nightcrawler (Alan Cumming) in an exciting set piece set in the White House.

The film delves further into the philosophical contrasts between Charles Xavier and Magneto, showing the abhorrent idea of man and how it moves freak animosity, and as consistently Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are bolting with their exhibitions. X2 likewise gave crowds the main prods of Wolverine's origin story as he's tortured by recollections including Colonel Stryker, played menacingly by Brian Cox. Point of fact that, this film is one of the top action movies of the 2000s.

Finally, I wish I can give you a small idea about these amazing movies, and you can enjoy, by watching some of these films and spent a great night with your family.
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