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best movies of will smiths of all time

Will Smith's career

  • When you talk about one of Hollywood's superstars, Will Smith certainly comes at the forefront of that elite group of stars.

  • Will Smith's career spans nearly three decades, in which he established himself as one of the most important stars of his generation, and also one of the most successful Hollywood actors historically.

  • Despite that overwhelming success and fame, Smith is still striving and striving, to reach the most that can be reached.

  • At the start of Smith's Bus Thriller, he did some really cool stunts that won critical acclaim.

  • Unfortunately, the box office turnout was not good enough, so Smith took another approach that greatly increased the box office.
  • The best thing about Will Smith's films is that they contain many important lessons that one must learn, with the elegant, attractive and inspiring style of smith.

Below is a list of the best and most important Will Smith films of all time.

Smith's best movies ever

As a result of the sheer force of Smith's charisma, his brand is unparalleled.

There is still much in Smith's career to celebrate, and in recognition of that, here are the highlights and best rated Smith films.

 "Bad Boys" (1995)

best movies of will smiths of all time

This movie takes place in the Miami Police Department, where Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) play the role of an anti-drug cop.

Both men tear up the Sunshine State in search of the drug.

In the process, fate pits them against Foucher, a violent French drug lord who tears everyone in his way.

But Fouche could not eliminate everyone, so he left one witness behind him, Julie Mott (Tia Leoni), who is still alive, and soon began cooperation between him and the heroes of this film.

The most important reason for the success of this film, is the matchless chemistry between Smith and Lawrence, which represents the supernatural force in this film.

The movie is filled with a lot of comedic action, some of the best car chases, a lot of bloody shootouts, and blitzkrieg tournaments.

This film was directed by Michael Bay as the first major film he directed.

Actress Tia Leoni has a wonderful and prominent role in this film.

To be honest, Bad Boys is one of Smith's best films ever, and of course it's worth a watch.

"Independence Day" (1996)

best movies of will smiths of all time

The events of this film revolve around one day in July, when chaos reigned in all communication systems around the world.

Where it arose from one of the strange atmospheric interference, as it was widely believed that it was meteors.

But the truth was shocking, as a giant spaceship, under the command of a strange and mysterious species, was planning to launch a fierce attack that might sweep all countries of the world.

The main roles are based on the exemplary boss Bill Pullman, our incomparably talented technician Jeff Goldblum, and our superhero Will Smith, who plays a brilliant pilot, although he is often cocky but does serious work when needed.

Directed by Roland Emmerich, this film is a great adaptation of the majority of the films that preceded it in the alien invasion category.

What distinguishes this film most is that the development of the plot and characters is very simple, with a lot of fun and joy and some gaps in logic and reason that can sometimes be huge.

Of course, Independence Day deserves its place among Smith's best historical films.

 “Hitch” (2005)

best movies of will smiths of all time

This suspenseful thriller revolves around Alex Hitchens (Will Smith) who takes on the big task of training shy Albert (Kevin James) to win the heart of beautiful Allegra Cole (Amber Valletta).

The exciting events in the film revolve, which will reveal the ability of Will Smith, the romantic expert with a golden tongue, to survive the effects and complications of love and adoration.

After Smith has done a lot of action and adventure films, in long series, Smith turned to this gentle category of romance as a kind of artistic development and inclusion.

And what distinguishes this movie, is that it is a mixture of a group of different races.

The film was a resounding success, as its will amounted to more than 350 million dollars in various parts of the world, and not only that, but it was ranked the third highest romantic comedy of all time.

Of course, this film, which mixes romance and comedy, deserves a good place among Smith's best films historically.

 "Enemy of the State" (1998)

best movies of will smiths of all time

The events of this film revolve around a lawyer named Robert Clayton, who finds his life on the line, as he becomes a target and a hunt for the National Security Agency, as he accidentally falls into his hands a recording showing the assassination of a member of Congress.

The main concern of the national security agents was to hide the facts of this killing.

A clever and powerful tool, Brill (Gene Hackman), a former intelligence agent, keeps Dean Smith out of harm's way.

With lots of explosions, exciting car chases, and high quality and accurate icons, it all made the movie exciting, thrilling and awesome.

It is worth noting that this film, which was made in 1998, was ahead of its time in terms of privacy and national and political security issues.

Little by little, this movie is one of Smith's best movies ever, and is very popular.

"I'm a Legend" (2007)

best movies of will smiths of all time

The exciting and interesting events of this wonderful movie take place in New York City.

Where a cure was created to eliminate cancer, but this virus evolved and led to the elimination of the majority of people, leaving the scientist Robert Neville as the last person alive in New York.

Neville must confront vampires and overcome them, and what distinguishes him is that he is immune to this virus, and the goal of his life is to develop a treatment to restore vampires to ordinary people.

Francis Lawrence directed this film, which succeeded greatly in showing the strength of Smith's performance, in which Smith fills every scene and every detail, even if it is small.

It is worth noting that this film is based on the novel by Richard Matheson in 1954, and it is the third film adapted from that novel.

This film has garnered a lot of positive reviews and opinions from critics, and it has been translated, so it is Smith's fourth film, a fulfillment of the wills.

To be fair, it certainly deserves that place in the best Will Smith film series.

 "The Pursuit of Happiness" (2006)

best movies of will smiths of all time

This film revolves around the story of the famous and struggling businessman Chris Gardner, played by Will Smith.

His life goes on rough, as he and his 5-year-old son (Jaden Smith), find himself homeless on the street.

Life offers him a new opportunity, as he obtained a good training period with a highly reputable brokerage company.

Gardner faced many and many difficulties during this training period, but in the end he managed to win and prove himself.

The film is strong, exciting, and the plot is organized, and contains a lot of wisdom and positive energy that pushes you to achieve yourself and your dreams.

This film is directed by Gabriel Mochino, and although the film is based on the story of the life and struggle of businessman Chris Gardner, the film took some freedom in showing the script.

The film was well received by almost all critics, and some even consider that The Pursuit of Happiness is will Smith's best film ever, so it adorns the list as Will Smith's best historical films.

"Six Degrees of Separation" (1993)

best movies of will smiths of all time

The film revolves around the reception of a super-intelligent and charming young man named Paul (Will Smith) through wealthy and liberal art dealers.

The film turns into an exciting and very interesting dramatic mystery, taking you to a world of magic and beauty.

It is really exciting to discover that the story of this movie was inspired by the story of a con man who convinced many characters in the eighties that he was the son of the famous actor Sidney Poitier, a man named David Hampton.

Directed by Fred Shabesi, this movie has great direction and smart and engaging presentations, especially from our hero Smith.

Among the things that should be mentioned is that Smith refused to kiss Anthony Michael Hall (his mistress in the movie), which Smith later admitted that it was an immature behavior of him, and that if he went back in time, he would not have made this mistake.

And to be logical, this movie is no wonder that it is one of Smith's best historical films, because it contains a wonderful quote, and a tight and beautiful plot.

 "Men in Black" (1997)

best movies of will smiths of all time

This massively fantasy film revolves around our hero Smith, who plays James Edwards, a mouth-watering New York City policeman and athlete.

He is recruited by "K" (Tommy Lee Jones) to retrieve an ornament stolen by an intergalactic terrorist.

K and his new partner must decipher the wisdom, in order to prevent humanity from being plunged into a fierce interstellar war.

Many critics praised this movie, and it deserved much praise and praise, for its dynamic action sequences, modern sense of humor, and special effects.

Men in Black, this movie achieved unparalleled success, as it achieved really frightening revenues, as its profits exceeded 589.3 million dollars around the world, although its budget did not exceed 90 million dollars, as it ranked as the third film of the year in terms of profits.

And of course it should make the list as one of Smith's best films.

“Ali” (2001)

best movies of will smiths of all time

This movie is legendary and wonderful, as it revolves around Smith's embodiment of the role of Muhammad Ali, since the beginning of his victory in the World Heavyweight Championship in 1964.

One of the things that gave this film its value is that it embodied the character of the best boxer ever, Ali Clay.

It is really interesting that this film is not based on the sport of boxing in a large way, but it touched on all the political events during that period, as it shows how Clay made many mistakes in political and social positions to reach that position.

In addition to Smith's main character, there was Jamie Foxx who coached Ali, and it was a really impressive and surprising role.

Although it is impossible to describe Clay's legendary life, and to show all aspects of his life in one movie, Smith was able to show many of those aspects, and some believe that he embodied the best role in his history in this movie.

The film won some awards, the most important of which is the award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, and deservedly, this film should be on our list as one of Smith's best films.

 "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" (1990-1996)

best movies of will smiths of all time

Some may wonder that this TV series is one of Smith's best works on our list, but what's really interesting is that this is where it all began for Smith.

After starting his life as a successful rapper, Smith found his acting talent through this series called The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.

This huge series lasted for more than six seasons, which allowed a lot for Smith as he was able to mix with many giants and veterans such as Avery and Janet Hubert Witten.

This famous television series was a resounding success and took Smith to another stage of success, his body to build great glory and a history full of wonderful and exciting works.

In the end, we have compiled for you a list of the best works of Smith throughout history that may enable you to spend a wonderful and fun time and an exciting night enjoying one of the most amazing works of this amazing and amazing artist.