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best movies of Dwayne Johnson ever | best list

best movies of  Dwayne Johnson 

The Rock began to become famous and became famous as a recreational athlete in freestyle wrestling in the mid-nineties, until he rose to the throne of that recreational sport.

And since 2001, Dwayne Johnson began his long and continuous journey with cinema, as he has been doing at least one movie every year since that date.

The rock began to increase in popularity and influence over time, even being called the People's Champion, and he had many films in almost all categories.

The vibrancy of the rock is still continuous and renewed, and it gives you energy and a great desire to laugh, and as a result, Dwayne Johnson has become the highest paid actor of our time.

the rock best movies ever

And because we care about your comfort, and so that you do not get tired of searching for best films of The Rock , we have collected for you a list of the top 10 Dwayne Johnson movies, ranked from 10 to 1, and I hope that this list will satisfy you.

 Rampage, 2018

best movies of  Dwayne Johnson ever | best list

.one of Dwayne Johnson best movies

Dwayne Johnson plays Davis Okoye in this film, where The Rock appears in a role that outshines all competition.

As usual in most of his films, The Rock shows us the importance of friendship, and shows us the value of true friendship, and how we can form deep friendships. In this film, Dwayne Johnson shows his distinction from the rest, as he defeats giant apes and feral wolves, helped by his arming of the Milkor Mark 14 grenade launcher.

And really strange in the movie Rampage, that The Rock made his friendship with an albino gorilla named George, instead of an ordinary human, which added to the movie more fun and suspense.

Rampage is definitely one of The Rock's best movies.

 Skyscraper, 2018

best movies of  Dwayne Johnson ever | best list

one of The Rock's best films ever.

Role: Will Sawyer

Dwayne Johnson plays Will Sawyer in this movie Skyscraper, a performance very close to Die Hard and The Towering Inferno, one of The Rock's big deal.

This role was one of Johnson's most important roles, as it gave him great weight, more maturity and a refined performance as he lived the role with everything in it and performed the character to the fullest.

The Rock's fans feel connected and comfortable with the character he played in this film, as they found in him more than they could expect from Johnson's films, especially his followers two decades ago.

This movie, Skyscraper, perfectly embodies masculinity, as The Rock shows the masculine archetype that everyone aspires to have.

It is fair that this film is among the most prominent movies of Dwayne Johnson during his career.

 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, 2017

best movies of  Dwayne Johnson ever | best list

The Rock plays Dr. Smulder Braveston (Spencer Gilpin), in this film about the adventure of a group of people inside the Jungle.

The critic's opinion about this film was that it was Jumanji that made Johnson stronger by joining the work list, and not the other way around.

The rock was distinguished by a distinctive and wonderful instrument synchronized with a dazzling performance by Kevin Hart. Jumanji is the best transformation in the history of Johnson's professional life, as he moved away from films of car chases, carrying weapons and other such genres, and turned to Jumanji, which showed his abilities and skills.


And it's really interesting that Dwayne Johnson is just as impressive and dazzling in family-friendly films as he is in the genre he's known for.

Many consider Jumanji to be one of Dwayne Johnson's best films during his career, and one of the most important moves in his life.

I advise you to watch this movie, where you will find more happiness and comedy that can really change your mood.

 Central Intelligence, 2016

best movies of  Dwayne Johnson ever | best list

The Rock plays Bob Stone / Robbie Werdicht, in this really exciting movie. We may have all been alike during our high school years, but not quite as much as we find in this thriller called Central Intelligence.

We all know that no one likes being a bully or dealing with this group of bullies, and that's exactly what the rocker was.

Where Johnson was playing a leading role, where he is the hero of the people who defend the little man with all his ferocity. And not only that, but he defends anyone who cannot defend himself.

Many believe that Central Intelligence is the best comedy studio that Johnson has presented during his career, and not only that, but it is one of Johnson's best films throughout its history.

 Get Smart, 2008

best movies of  Dwayne Johnson ever | best list

Role: Agent 23

Dwayne Johnson played the role of Agent 23 during the events of this wonderful movie. Where the rock was able to throw his clamor and enthusiasm on the famous sitcom of Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, which was in the era of the sixties. Get Smart is one of Dwayne's very rare villain roles, but he nevertheless gave an impressive performance, and the audience liked to see Johnson in evil roles every now and then.

Despite this evil role, Johnson was showing a lot of kindness, until it appeared in his actions, such as stapling documents in people's faces, and walking into walls.

Johnson Valley played this role with unparalleled mastery, as Get Smart became one of the most important turning points in Johnson's history, and of course one of the most important works of Johnson in his career.

 Fighting With My Family, 2019

best movies of  Dwayne Johnson ever | best list

In this film, Johnson took advantage of being one of the most important wrestling legends, nicknamed the People's Champion, and embodied his life in the world of entertainment wrestling. The movie was a huge hit, given that if you ask anyone, what is the most a rock can do, they will tell you without thinking, being a pro wrestling star.

And with Johnson's massive muscles, his amazing dances and his bobbing in front of the cameras, with some drama and a lot of comedy Johnson has. All these factors were a major reason for the success of this film.

The rock was not the only absolute hero of this movie, but it was he who helped him in this like Lena Heady and Vince Vaughn and others.

Certainly, this film remains a unique work in Johnson's life, and one of Dwayne Johnson's best films ever, without a doubt.

 Fast Five, 2011

best movies of  Dwayne Johnson ever | best list

Role: Luke Hobbs

In this film, Johnson plays Luke Hobbs, a DSS agent. Which was a shame he turned into an agent for Dominic Toretto.

It is clear to everyone that this movie is not very different from Fast & Furious and of course this is not a criticism of The Rock.

Luke Hobbs' character revolves around being a ruthless type of lawman who devotes all of his mind and life to law, until the law eventually fails him. For people on the other side of the law, Johnson finds that they stand out from federal agents, whom his associates think, have more morals than his.

In this film, you see the presence of the family in it is rare, and the events often revolve around exciting car chases, lots of gunfire and big explosions.

Idris Elba also plays a prominent role, as he embodies a transformed villain. This category of films is the most among Johnson's works for the title role. Most of them are among the action films that Dwayne Johnson excels in, and this film is one of the best action films of Dwayne Johnson, and one of his most beautiful works in general.

 Moana, 2016

best movies of  Dwayne Johnson ever | best list

Role: Maui

Have you ever heard of a good villain, certainly Johnson in that movie? Johnson portrays Maui, an incredibly good and cheerful villain.

As a result of what Maui was subjected to from the pain of rejection throughout his life, this turned him into an arrogant person of a heroic and courageous character who covers the pain that he has incurred caused by this rejection.

And during the events of this movie, the rock performs a lot of heroic and courageous deeds, which certainly covers the pain, aches and emotional wounds inside.

With a mixture of melodies, music and performances, this film was able to occupy a great place among the best films of Dwayne Johnson in his history.

the Rundown, 2003

best movies of  Dwayne Johnson ever | best list

Dwayne Johnson played the role of Beck in this movie. It is noticeable that this film needs the presence of rock, as the rock needs this film.

It is really unfortunate that this movie did not do what it should have at the box office, and never made it back in its budget, even given the global box office. But what stood out most about this movie, was that it gave the rock the chance to show himself as a pioneering man.

Johnson distinguished himself in this film over most of the action films he made.

Although the film did not get the success and fame it deserves, it should proudly occupy one of the positions among the best films of Johnson in his career.

 Pain & Gain, 2013

best movies of  Dwayne Johnson ever | best list

Role: Paul Doyle

In this film, Johnson played Paul Doyle, one of The Rock's most unusual roles. Where it is really exciting to find a really shocking answer, to the question of the rock, in which he said: Do you smell what I am cooking!!? . It was horrific to find him cooking human hands.

Pain & Gain This wonderful film, represents the dark comedy side of Johnson's work, as it becomes a new ground for rock to walk on. It featured every aspect of Johnson's life, from extreme fitness, unparalleled sense of humor, and eye-catching charisma. Which made this movie really a great job.

It was only fair enough that Pain & Gain topped Johnson's list of the best films of his career.

In the end, we have collected for you a mini list of the top 10 films in Dwayne Johnson's career, which of course will enable you to have a very good time.

The best of the rock movies are a list that may adjust your mood and make you have a better day.