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Privacy Policy
Dear visitor,
Your privacy, visitor, is extremely important to us, and the privacy policy in this document outlines the types of personal information you collect
 (BestList blog)
and how to use this information.
We use advertising companies as a third party to display ads, and when you visit the (Bestlist) blog, these companies have the right to use information about your visits to this blog (except for the name, address, email address or phone number) in order to provide advertisements about the goods, products and services that Interested by cookies
We at (Bestlist Blog) use Google ads as an external financial resource, so Google uses cookies to display ads on our site.
Our valued visitors can disable the use of the DART cookie by visiting the privacy policy of Google ads and the content network.
Log files:
Like most other website servers, hence the
The log file system is used, and this includes the Internet protocol (addresses, browser type, Internet Service Provider "Internet Service Providers", date / time, and number of clicks to analyze trends).
Through this process, it is not intended to collect all this information in order to eavesdrop on visitors' personal matters, but rather it is analytical matters for the purposes of improving the quality of ads by Google, and in addition to that, all this information saved by us is completely confidential, and remains within the scope of private development and improvement. our site only.
Cookies and network settings:
Google uses cookies to store information about visitors' interests, along with a special user record in which specific information about the pages that have been accessed or visited, and with this step, we know the extent of visitors' interests and which topics are most preferred by them so that we can in turn develop our service and knowledge content appropriate for them.
We add to this that some companies that advertise in
You may look at cookies and network settings for our site and for you, such as Google and its advertising program, Google AdSense, which is the number one advertising company on our site.
If you need more information or have any questions about the privacy policy, please feel free to contact us via the contact form, by entering the tab
call us.
This page was edited on July 6, 2021
The terms of this policy are subject to development and change in their content at any time we deem necessary.